Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Week's Column

A few days after Christmas, I went shopping with the money I was given for Christmas and a coupon in hand.
I walked in the store and scanned the shelves for the purchase that awaited me.
There it was, in the kitchen appliance section. It was sitting there, waiting for me.
I got in line and shuffled the box around, trying hard not to drop it as I waited. At the register I carefully gave the cashier my item and coupon.
Bonus, it was on sale.
Back home, I pulled my prize from its box. I flipped through the owner’s manual for operating instructions. After a quick rinse, there it was, sitting on my countertop next to my coffee pot.
My brand new Belgian waffle maker.
I felt like a kid trying out Christmas toys as I scoured the Internet for ideas about things to make with it.
Pinterest gave me a quick and easy inaugural recipe All it took was a can of refrigerated cinnamon roles. Place four in at a time, flip the mechanism and soon you had four little cinnamon roll waffles. I’ve made those far too many times for my waistline.
Then it was time to make the waffles. I went to the grocery and “gasp.” The shelf with the Belgian waffle mix was empty. Evidently, I wasn’t the only person to get the amazing machine this Christmas.So I waited. And made some more cinnamon roll waffles.
Then I went to the grocery on the other side of town. Eureka, the mix was there.
I waited again for the perfect waffle making time, Saturday morning.
With coffee made, the waffle making began. First the batter was poured into the machine and then the mechanism flipped. The wait continued until the green light flashed. The waffle was ready.
Opening the top revealed a nice, thick, golden, circular waffle. The smell of pastry filled the kitchen.
After plating, pats of butter melted into the crevasses of the waffle and the yummy goodness of maple syrup was added. The syrup made the house smell even more delightful.
At the table with my cup of coffee and two dogs sitting on the floor at the ready in case I dropped a piece, I ate my waffle. The delicious taste of a fresh made Belgian waffle made a great start to a Saturday, bite after delicious bite.
In short, I love my new Belgian waffle maker. I just wish it had an additional magical element that made every delicious thing made from it zero calories. A girl can dream.

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